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A great article on how Automation is changing and helping better our lives everyday

by W Patrick on 10/25/11

Home Automation Brings Dignity, Independence to Residents with ALS

By Julie Jacobson CEPRO Magazine

'Smart home' technology provides improved quality of life to residents with MS and Lou Gehrig’s disease: controlling lights, thermostats and entertainment at Boston's Leonard Florence Center.
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Going Green - Tips, Tricks, and Technology

by W Patrick on 08/10/11

Okay, so what is the first thing people say when you are at their house and you have just finished a tasty beverage that you assume will be recycled, "we don't recycle, we are just one person, how can that make a difference".

Well, to start we obviously need a combined global effort.  Every single item we recycle actually does have an affect.  Take into account; recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a television for three hours. That energy is equivalent to a half gallon of gasoline.  If you are an avid newspaper reader, consider this fact: Recycling a  single run of your local Sunday paper can save 75,000 trees. If you  recycle all the newspapers in the world, you could prevent the loss of  250 million trees a year. Consider reading your national or local  newspaper online to save unnecessary paper use.

Consider this, a  heavy coat of dust on a light bulb may block up to half the light power. Incandescent light bulbs utilize a  mere 10 percent of electricity for light; the other 90 percent is released  as wasted heat. Turning off your lights when not in use, buying  energy-saving appliances and repairing leaks around your house can help  you save money on energy costs while conserving non-renewable energy  sources.

Not everyone can afford a new solar system or a automation system full of technology that helps you manage and conserve energy, but as you can see, it doesn't take much effort to make a small contributon to saving our planet.  I just hope you realize that what we consider small contributions actually have very big impacts. Spread the word to family and friends and let us all start or continue to make those contributions.

Tablet Craze....

by W Patrick on 08/02/11

Well it is time for a new tablet and now there are just too many options.  Sifting through all the chaos of reviews is a difficult task.  One might wonder, how did we ever buy anything before the information age.  With the swift stroke of a keyboard you instantly find out that there are so many choices and along with any choice there are pros and cons; stability, pioneer, "Where's the Flash", which app store is get the point. 

I tell you what, being in the technology sector doesn't even help.  It simply boils down to taking a leap of faith and hoping it pans out.  After all, who wants to make a large purchase on a fragile piece of technology to only find out it doesn't really do what you thought or the things you were warned about were actually true (go figure).

After all is said and done, just make sure you follow your instinct.  You are going to be the one using it on a daily basis and while reading a million reviews does help, it also hinders the process.  I personally ended up right where I started...the iPad2.  Of course the lack of flash instantly annoyed me, but only time will tell if I made the right buying decision.